Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Refuah V’Chesed Film Presentation


Father: Chaim Frankl
Refuah V'Chesed Member: Ari Schmeltzer
Yidi: Kivi Streicher
Doctor: Dr. Alan Azuelos
Nurse: Yacob Solomon
Nurse: Eli Roshansky
Pizza Pita: Chaim Speigelman
Boy: Micheal Ber Gestetner
Boy: Menchem Meir Gestetner
Juggler: Tzvi Hershkowitz

Refuah V’Chesed Mesamchim Volunteers:

Motty Rosenfeld
Chesky Friedman
Yossi Gestetner
Berish Weiser
Henich Krausz
Yoel Markowitz
Mordechai Danzinger

Video & Editing by Meedio

About Refuah V’Chesed

Lately rebranded as the “Montreal Centre for Health and Care,” the volunteer based organization provides many medical, hospitality and transport services to patients and their families Refuah V’Chesed has received over 40,000 calls over the last year. The organization is directed by a board of prestigious people and a medical advisory board. The medical guidance and support is led by Aaron Schmelczer and Aron Friedlander, who have decades of experience in the medical field,

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