Thursday, July 16, 2015

Opinions & Analyses on Iran Nuclear Deal

During an Iran Nuclear Deal Press Conference on July 15, 2015, CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett took what the network called a “public scolding” from President Barack Obama after he asked about the White House’s “contentment” with American hostages being left out of the Iranian nuclear negotiations.  'That’s nonsense, you should know better' is what the president responded. Garrett brushed off the "scolding." Sometimes you have to take a scolding from a president to get to an answer,” Garrett said. “That’s part of my job.”

Israeli Ambassador slams Iran nuclear deal - CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer about the impact of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Tom Friedman breaks down the impact of the Iran deal - The New York Times' Thomas Friedman on why the Iran deal could have a bigger impact on the Mideast than the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

Initial news report on the deal, aired on Tuesday night July 14, 2015 - Nuclear Deal Sparks Celebrations in Iran But Backlash Here at Home - President Obama says, "Deal is not built on trust, it is built on verification," but he faces major pushback from Capitol Hill.

Will Iran be able to spend money on guns after deal? - CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks with United States National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, about what happens when sanctions are released over Iran's frozen accounts.

Obama addresses a question from ABC News' Jon Karl. President Obama defended the nuclear deal with Iran this afternoon, saying it "represents a powerful display of American leadership and diplomacy."

MK Naftali Bennet on CNN

Excerpts from PM Netanyahu's Interview on NBC News

Full interview of Netanyhua with NBC - Benjamin Netanyahu to NBC: Iran Nuclear Deal Poses Threat to U.S., Israel

2016 Republican candidates blast Iran nuclear deal - David Mercer and Brad Blakeman on political reaction to the agreement

Former VP Dick Cheney Warns Against Iran Nuke Deal

Mark Levin on Hannity: America is in incredible danger because of this Iran deal

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Graham: Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Death Sentence For Israel.

Deal Reached With Iran Over Nuclear Weapons

Before it goes to Congress Obama spoke about the Iran Nuclear Deal. July 15, 2015.

President Obama talks about the details of the nuclear deal with Iran at a White House news conference on Wednesday.

As the Iran nuclear pact heads to Congress, WSJ’s Jerry Seib identifies the key Democrats in the coming fight over whether to reject the deal.

Iran Nuclear Deal: the Economic Windfall - Iran reached a landmark nuclear agreement with the U.S. and five other world powers on Tuesday. What could this mean for Iran’s oil sales—and for Western companies hoping to do business there? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer.

Greta: How can we trust Iran? - 'Off the Record,' 7/14/15: I want to believe a leopard can change its spots, but Iran has a proven record of deception.

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