Monday, July 20, 2015

Fearless Toddler Helps Dad Fly Plane

Lea Langumier, the four-year-old girl who charmed the internet as she giggled her way through a stomach-churning aerobatic flight in her father’s plane, is back in the air – and this time she’s been given a taste of space flight.

After watching a clip of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield brushing his teeth on board the International Space Station, Lea, from Lachute near Montreal in Quebec, told her father Raphael how cool it was to see the toothbrush floating in the air.

“So we took a flight to make it even cooler,” said pilot Raphael. The video shows what happened as he took his small plane through a series of aerobatic manoeuvres to make a toothbrush ‘fly’ through the air.

Lea, who sat in the back seat during her earlier daredevil flight, now takes to the co-pilot’s chair and looks like a natural – not surprising as not only does her father run his own aviation company, but her mother was working as a flight attendant while pregnant and Lea has been flying since she was two years old.

Earlier Flight

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