Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Fearless Goat Goes Head To Head With a Bull

A fearless goat literally took the bull by the horns after it went head-to-head with one several times its size... and won.

In a video that captured the epic David and Goliath battle, the tiny animal is seen confronting the huge creature on the side of the road.

The courageous goat is seen forcing the bull backwards before being thrown back by a couple of forceful blows from the bull. refusing to back down, the grey and white goat comes back with a vengeance and continues its onslaught.

And proving that size really doesn't matter, it is the bull who eventually surrenders and timidly shuffles away with its tail between its legs. although it is not known exactly where the minute-long clip was filmed, it is thought to be in India, where bulls and cows are revered by the country's vast Hindu population.

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