Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Video Collection Part 4

YSP (Yeshiva Summer Program) Morristown for 8th grade boys- Avodas Hashem War (color war) 5775 Breakout

Nikolsburger Rebbe Rabbi Jungreis outside his Woodbourne Shul singing with some visitors.

Color war in camp Kaylie 2015: Red Stomp

Kaylie Boys 2015: Purple Stomp

NCSY - "One More Day 'Till Shabbos!"

Oorah The Zone Camp -  Pay Day!

Camp Simcha 2015: Days 4-6

Camp Simcha 2015: Havdalah

Oorah The Zone Week 1 In Review

Chillzone in the Zone! - Watch as campers enjoy sports and camp activities as well as have Chillzone in the Zone!

Kaylie Boys 2015: End of Summer

Kaylie Boys 2015: Memories from the Summer - We gave campers and staff an opportunity to reflect and talk about what they love about Kaylie!

Avodas Hashem War 5775 The Plays

Avodas Hashem War 5775 TBP (Tanya Baal Peh) Day 1

CGI Parksville NY The First Month's Grand Trip - A short clip of the grand trip of the first session.

YSP Morristown - Avodas Hashem War 5775 Dividing The Teams

YSP - All Stars Basketball - Pamelach Wins!

YSP Morristown Week in review 4 5775

Avodas Hashem War 5775 Theme Speeches

Basketball lessons in a camp in Toronto, Canada.

Benny Friedman Promo 5774 / 2014 CGINY - Camp Gan Israel New York promo for a Benny Friedman concert taking place in camp Sunday August 10.

Camp Gan Israel Parksville N Y First Day 5774 / 2014

Camp Gan Israel Parksville 5763/2003- Camp Gan Israel Parksville NY 5763 Color War Play - Interview by Yosef Shidler - play presented by winning team shliach

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