Sunday, July 05, 2015

Beat the Heat on a Budget

With summer now in full swing, the mercury is steadily rising and keeping cool is becoming more and more tricky - particularly if you aren't lucky enough to have air conditioning in your home or office.

But one man is hoping to put an end to your warm weather woes by demonstrating how to make an at-home air conditioning unit in just five minutes, using nothing but simple items such as an electric fan and a five-gallon bucket. There's even an option to use solar power.

The impressive contraption is shown being built over the course of the video, starting with the creator using a hole saw to cut a series of perfectly-shaped holes in an orange five-gallon bucket, which costs just $3 from Home Depot.

After cutting three holes for the piping, the DIY expert then slides in a $6 Styrofoam liner into the bucket and, picking up the hole saw once again, he cuts slightly smaller holes, through the existing ones in the orange bucket, and into the liner.

He uses these holes to position the three pieces of pipe, which he estimates cost around 75 cents each.

Using a box cutter, he then cuts a hole in the lid of the bucket, using the rivets as a guide.

Then, taking a small black personal-sized fan, which can be bought for around $12, he positions it face-down in the hole he made in the lid of the bucket, which he has filled with a gallon of frozen water. One gallon-bottle of water retails for around $3.

The next shot shows the final product in action, with pieces of glittering tinsel attached to the protruding pieces of pipe to show off the strong airflow.

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