Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Baseball Ground Crew Struggles To Get Tarp On Field

With rain starting to come down in the top of the third inning, the Pirates' grounds crew was tasked with rolling the tarp onto the field. Things seemed to be going fine at first, but then the team was hit with some pretty strong wind.

This caused the tarp to start moving off course, swallowing a member of the grounds crew in the process. Just as things were starting to look bleak, McCutchen, as usual, stepped up.

McCutchen, Sean Rodriguez and Gregory Polanco all helped the grounds crew get the situation under control. You can see the man previously swallowed by the tarp emerge shortly after the players stepped in.

The three then remained on the field in the rain until the tarp was put in place. During the process, the rain began to come down even harder, but the players wouldn't budge. They would only leave once the grounds crew got things mostly under control.

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