Friday, June 12, 2015

Yisroel Adler & Shira Choir - Mein Kind

A Live Performance of Yisroel Adler Accompanied by the Shira Choir Singing Outtakes of Track 7 - Mein Kind, from his debut album "Oirois"

Song Composed by: Pinky Weber
Lyrics by: Yisroel Adler
Arranged by: Moshe Laufer
Choir Arranged By: Hershel Brisk


GMY said...

beautiful voice, and a beautiful song

Anonymous said...

hartzig, post more these kind of videos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a voice! Doesn't sound live.. it's that good!

Anonymous said...

this ain't LIVE but nevertheless his voice is spectacular, i think he is going to be a big star one day, he has one hell of a voice

Anonymous said...

Pathetic! He used the recording from his album and mixed it with the video...(not perfectly unfortunately!)