Thursday, June 04, 2015

Jonny and a Duck Names Nibbles

A boy with special needs becomes best friends with a local duck they named Nibbles.

Nibbles waits for Jonny - From the author: " Nibbles gets so excited when he sees his best buddy Jonny get off the school bus! This was taken at the end of our dirt driveway. Nibbles is a full blooded Rouen. He wears a ducky diaper so he can enjoy car rides and time in the house."

Nibbles greets Jonny - Nibbles greets Jonny after school. Nibbles gets his pets then wants to head home with haste.

After school shenanigans -  Jonny and Nibbles hanging out. Watch Nibbles protective move when Jonny's little sister walks by. And listen to how Nibbles stops quaking when Jonny leaves the room.

Jonny and Nibbles Hugs - Jonny spends time giving hugs to Nibbles before he goes to school. Some version of this happens every morning. Nibbles plays outside until Jonny comes home.

Nibbles chases Jonny - Nibbles and Jonny play tag

"My duck ate my homework"

Nibbles trip to Home Depot - Nibbles likes going on outings with Jonny. We went to Home Depot to visit grandma who is a cashier there.

Jonny and Nibbles walking home from the bus stop one day. Nibbles got to eat grapes from the vineyard and was carried the rest of the way home.

From the author: "My son Jonny and Nibbles last summer. Nibbles was about 4 months old."

Nibbles second fishing trip

Nibbles new shoes! - Nibbles shows Jonny his new shoes. I got them to condition his feet at night. :D This was his first time trying them out.

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