Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Impatient Man Can't Wait Until The Ferry Stops

a ferry loaded with people and vehicles preparing to come ashore (presumably somewhere in South America). A man darts toward the open walkway with the boat still moving and slips and falls when he hits the ground.

The boat's walkway, unable to stop, nearly crushes the man before someone steps in and helps him get out of the way with less than a second to spare.  He did not appear to be hurt.

Patience truly is a virtue.

We can recall countless times in the past when we’ve been in a rushing state of mind and instantly regretted not slowing down to consciously think about the choices we were making.

Whether it be attempting to run down a set of stairs to save a couple seconds, swerving through traffic to get to work on time, or drinking our  coffee right after it was poured from a steaming pot, our impatient actions were never worth the repercussions.

This is one of the closest calls you’ll ever see.

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