Sunday, June 07, 2015

Forklift Operator Has a Bad Day

A forklift operator at a Brazilian brewery took an unexpected beer shower recently when he accidentally caused several full pallets of beer cases to topple and explode around his vehicle while attempting to drop an imbalanced load.

This epic fail began as the driver attempted to use his forklift to drop a pallet of beer cases on top of a pallet stack that stood approximately 30 feet tall. As the video shows, in the moment before he made his ill-advised move, his coworkers attempted to shout a warning to the driver. But it was too late.

The tines of the forklift toppled the imbalanced load, causing case after case of the bubbly brew to crash to the warehouse floor and explode, causing a pool of sudsy foam to surround the vehicle.

But rather than cutting his losses, the driver apparently decided to double down on disaster by attempting to back up his forklift so that it was out of way of the cascading cases of beer.

As it turns out, this was a bad idea.

The move caused dozens of more cases of beer to fall from their pallets, creating an even bigger mess.

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