Monday, June 29, 2015

Family's Close Encounter When Grizzly Climbs Car

A grizzly bear got up close and personal with a family in Montana and it was all caught on camera.

David Peters said he and his family were heading home from Yellowstone National Park on June 19, when they spotted a few bears wandering near the highway. He decided to stop his car to take some pictures and videos of the bears.

"They were just grazing mostly on the grass and weren't bothering anybody," Peters said. "Then one of the bears decided to check out one of the cars across the street and he did. Then he dropped down and bee-lined right for our vehicle."

Peters said the experience of having the bear was more exciting than scary.

"It wasn't really scary for me and my wife; we'd seen bears before," Peters stated. "The bears didn't show any sign of aggression, they were more curious than anything else."

His car has a few minor scratches and mud smears thanks to the bear's paws.

Check out the video clip below.

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