Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Audio - Boruch Sholom "Vayechulu" Ft. Yeedle

"Vayechulu" The first single/audio from the -soon to be released- new Boruch Sholom "Bishvili" album, produced by Yeedle Werdyger.

Composed by: Boruch Sholom Blesofsky
Arrangements by: Boruch Sholom, Yeedle & Eli Lishinsky
Music: Eli Lishinsky & Nir Graff
Guitars, bass & synthsizers: Eli Lishinsky
Saxophones: Arkady Kofman
Drums: Eran Asias

Official - Boruch Sholom's Debut Album Promo

Behind the scenes video of Boruch Sholom' brand new debut album.
Produced by: Yeedle Werdyger
Music by: Eli Lishinsky
Film by: RJ Studios


Anonymous said...

Very nice. The Magen Avos piece is note for note from here:

One of my favorite musical compositions ever.

Anonymous said...

that is moitzi shem ra as ii listened to the russian folk song it is not the same tune

Anonymous said...

Was waiting to see what Boruch Sholom would produce.

In a word: Beautiful.

Voice surprised me in its unique melodious quality. Original style all your own. Melody is creative, beat is good. Music and sound production are real, crisp and second to none.

Can't wait to hear the rest. Hatzlacha!