Sunday, May 03, 2015

"That's Enough From You Mr President!"

Sixth-grader cuts Obama off mid-ramble to roars of laughter at town hall event

A 12-year-old boy has succeeded where many in the media have tried and failed by fearlessly cutting President Obama off mid-ramble during a Q&A session on Thursday.

Osman Yaya from Bennett Middle School in Salisbury, Maryland, was moderating a town hall event when the president started getting a little long-winded when answering a question about how to avoid writer's block.

As the president started to repeat himself, Osman politely stepped in: 'Yeah. I think you've sort of covered everything about that question,' he said as the audience laughed.

Obama grinned and replied, 'Osman thinks I've been talking too long.'

'No, I think you just…' Yahya hesitated.

'No. Let's move it along, I got you,' Obama agreed.

The president had been talking about the topic for more than three minutes when Yahya politely intervened after shifting nervously in his seat.

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