Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sneaky Baboon Steals Pizza from Tourists

A baboon preyed upon some vulnerable travellers in the most hilarious way when it opened their car door, climbed onto their back seat and stole their pizza.

The incident took place on the M4 near Cape Point in the Western Cape, South Africa and was captured by John White.

He heard the sound of someone trying to open his car door, but was unable to see anyone attempting to get inside.  Luckily for John, his doors were locked.  It was at this moment however that he spotted a baboon making its way towards the car in front.

Grabbing his camera, John started filming as the monkey opened the car door and stole a pizza, which it took great pleasure in eating within full view of the travellers.  John explained that at this point that a ‘baboon monitor’ – a man employed to try and prevent the monkeys terrorizing tourists – arrived to help.

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