Monday, May 04, 2015

Man Stuck in Basketball Hoop

Talk about a jam

Chalk this up to something Seattle police weren't expecting during the May Day festivities: A shirtless man stuck in a basketball hoop.

The hammer-wielding man somehow climbed up the hoop at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood...and became stuck. As nearly a dozen police officers looked on, the man then began thrashing around, at times dangling just by his stuck foot, other times with his head stuck inside the rim, all in an apparent attempt to free his foot.

Twice as the man dangled by just his foot upside down, police officers attempted to get him free, to no avail. It took a ladder from a Seattle Fire truck and two firefighters to climb up and cut down the net and free the man.

Seattle Police said they're still deciding if to cite the man for any wrongdoing

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