Friday, May 29, 2015

Lion Gives Tourists a Scare

There's a reason "stay in the car" is one of the first things you hear on safari, and a couple of camera-toting youngsters are about to learn that in this video.

Don't worry, they're fine. Scared, but fine.

South Africa's Kruger National Park attracts thousands of tourists each year. And the park has one very important rule: "No part of the body may protrude from the car, either through the window or a sunroof, unless in designated areas."

It can be hard to pay attention to that rule, though, when you've got two lions sitting 10 feet away from your car, and an iPad that takes amazing pictures.

Of course, the lion doesn't care about those factors. And the lion might decide to remind you about its status as king of the jungle with an ear-shattering roar.

If only a large land predator was around at all times to remind children of the sanctity of other institutional rules, like "No running in the pool" and "Mind the gap."

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