Monday, May 18, 2015

Highlights from Oorahthon 2015

Woman's Worst Nightmare Comes True on Oorahthon 2015!

The Rechnitz Challenge - A Tough Decision for Oorah! - Los Angeles Philanthropist R' Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz was put on the spot on Oorahthon 2015, and he pledged $200,000! But.... it comes with a condition... What should Oorah do?

The Oorah 'Shark-Tank' PARODY- featuring Isaac Mavorah - Watch three of Oorah's program directors fight for funding on this speciial segment of "Oorah's Shark-Tank"!
This segment features Mr Isaac Mavorah, a longtime friend and supporter of Oorah. The ending for this one is amazing! Kol Hakavod Isaac!

Justin Zemser a"h - Remembered by his Torah Mate - Justin Zemser's passing was a terrible loss for the entire Jewish people. He was humble despite all of his incredible talents and capabilities. May we learn from his incredible attributes and accept upon ourselves to do something meaningful in his memory.
May his neshama have an aliyah, and may Hashem grant solace and peace to his wonderful dear parents.

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