Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Concert Honoring Jewish Music Composer Yossi Green

Wednesday night, May 13th 2015. there was a very special concert in the big culture center in Tel Aviv. a concert in appreciation for one of the greatest composers of our generation– Yossi Green. Some of the greatest singers came to perform alongside the symphony orchestra of Israel and the Choir of Chazzanim “Yuval”, conducted by Dr. Mordechai Sobol, and they sang some of the greatest classics of Green throughout his career. Amongst some of the stars there were Dudu Fisher, Ohad, Avremi Roth, Yanky Lemmer, and Itzik Dadya.

The classic compositions such as Tanya and Aderaba were sung and performed by Ohad Moskowitz. Ki Hamitzvah and Shtar Ha’Tnoim were given new life by Chazzanim Avremi Roth and Yaakov Lemmer. Dudu Fisher performed some older classics including, U’Beshofar Gadol and Rotzoh HKB”H.

The applause did not stop throughout the concert hall, and the evening ended with a special performance of Anovim with a joint presentation of all of the singers.

Yaakov Lemmer Sings Ki Hamitzva


Anonymous said...

can you please post more really good !!!!

Reva Weingot said...

Beautiful - brought me happy tears

Thank you for sharing!