Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Jew in Cairo

An Egyptian journalist took to the Egyptian capital of Cairo dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew in an experiment meant to see the reactions of Egyptians towards a Jew.

The journalist, who works for the Cairo-based news site DOTMSR, walked through Cairo dressed with sidecurls, a long beard, and skullcap.

He is seen asking groups of Egyptians in one scene for the Jewish synagogue of Cairo, and while one man directs him where to go, another group began to shove and swear at him demanding that he "get out of here."

In another scene, he is asked if he is Israeli after showing an Egyptian a note with Hebrew writing on it. When he answered in the affirmative, the man quickly walked away.

Meanwhile, another man who was showed the same note, folded the paper into the journalist's pocked, advising him "not to show it to anyone."

DOTMSR, an Arabic-language news site describes itself as believing "in openness, innovation and an obligation to accepting those who are different."

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Anonymous said...

you call this comedy it shows the outrageous antisemitism against jews you should make a tragedy section just for this