Wednesday, May 06, 2015

8th Day - Celebrate

"Celebrate" The first single/video from the -soon to be released- new 8th Day album "Inner Flame".

Credits for "Celebrate":
Produced and directed by Bentzi Marcus
Cinematography: Yoni Oscherowitz
Gaffer: Daniel Williams
2nd Camera Operator: Tomi Rosenthal
Edited and special effects by Moshe Bree
Dance Choreography: Cheryl Baxter
PA: Sean Miller
Graphic Design: Menachem Krinsky
Backline: Samson Sound Productions
Filmed at Green Screen Downtown


cool masmid said...

Tremendous talent.....but what a cholent. The words don't make any sense.

Gruntiger said...

@cool masmid: I totally agree... These guys are so geshmak and talented! its just a shame that their lyrics are color war'ish!

Yagsam Guy said...

Agree wholeheartedly! This is a direct result of the fact that in our world there is no such thing as real critique... Any negative critique is "Loshon Hora" when in fact people are paying money for a product (music in this case) that is not good... So basically, producers can hide behind "loshon hora" when we consumers can't say anything!

Anonymous said...

i think your all right but how bout look at the optimistic side instead of the pessimistic side because all your doing is turning this into the shtiebele coffee room a gutten teg