Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yeshiva College Boys High Acapella Group - Dror Yikra

YaChad (Yeshiva College Boys High Acapella Group) - Dror Yikra - Cover of Maccabeats adaptation of 'When I'm gone' by A.P. Carter.

One of the most beautiful customs on Shabbas is to sing Zemiros at the Shabbat table – special songs describing and sensitizing us to the holiness and beauty of Shabbat. It is customary to sing Dror Yikra at the Shabbas day table. Dror Yikra was written by Dunash Ben Laverat (920-990 - mentioned in the writings of Rashi, Ketubbot 10b, and Tosafot, Sukka 31b)

Musical Director: Daniel Tucker
Video Production: Ryan Peimer (Flash-forward Productions)
Recording: Jonny Birin
Arrangement by: Bryan Schimmel
Producer: Rav Leron Bernstein
Project Manager: Cheryl HH

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