Thursday, April 02, 2015

Missing Israeli Man Found Safe and Sound

The 22-year-old Israeli who was reported missing and feared kidnapped was located safe and sound near Kiryat Arba on Thursday night.

The name of the man was cleared for publication shortly before it was announced that he was found: Niv Assaraf, 22, of Be’er Sheva.

The IDF, meanwhile, said shortly after midnight that it had ruled out a terrorist kidnapping in Assaraf’s disappearance and said that Assaraf’s friend, who phoned authorities to report about the disappearance, may have made up the story.

“The incident near Hevron is of a criminal nature,” IDF Spokesman Motti Almoz said.

"The investigation will be closed soon. The friend probably made up a false report. The friend will soon disclose the location of the missing person and we will find him. Terrorist activity has been ruled out," he said.

"The forces are returning to normal and the investigation is being transferred to the police," said Almoz.

Troops Search for Missing Israeli Man

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