Monday, April 13, 2015

Insurance Scammer Tries His Luck on Two Cars

Weird footage of a man who seems to throw himself into two oncoming cars.

The dash-cam video initially shows the man appearing from behind a parked car and jogging slowly towards an oncoming vehicle. despite it slowing down, he then theatrically throws himself over its bonnet and onto the road.

After the driver behind the camera doesn't really seem to react, the hapless man - who the source of the video upload suggests may be after an insurance claim - then just gets back to his feet and walks away.

A short time later, with the dash-cam still rolling, comes the man's second and most ridiculous stunt.

He is seen sprinting across the road right into the side of a car as it drives on the opposite side of the road. he collides with it dramatically and lies still in the road.

But once again, the driver just carries on with his journey and the conman is forced to sheepishly drag himself to his feet.

Gotta admire his determination.

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