Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Father Observes Shloshim For His 7 Children

VIN News - 30 days after laying his seven children to rest, Gavriel Sassoon returned to Har Hamenuchos to daven at their graves.

The bereaved father was accompanied by several dozen men who heeded his call during an interview this morning on Israel’s Kol Berama radio program, asking for volunteers to join him at the cemetery, as reported by Israel’s Chareidi 10 News.

“I don’t have any family here in Israel and I am asking the public to come and join me,” Sassoon said during the interview.

Those gathered at the burial site joined Sassoon in the recitation of Mishnayos, selections from the Zohar and portions of Tehillim that spelled out the names of the seven children.  The shloshim visit concluded with the singing of a Sefardic piyut for Rosh Hashana and a request from Sassoon that everyone present take on a small kabala as a zechus for the neshamos of his children.

Each of the seven white headstones bore the name of one of the Sassoon children and the description “pure soul” followed by their name and a memorial inscription made up of the letters of their name.  A close up of seven year old Sara Sassoon’s matzeiva shows the words of Parshas Shemimi, “and through her the words of the passuk ‘I will be sanctified through those who are close to me’ were fulfilled.”

Sassoon also provided an update on the medical conditions of his wife and daughter Tzipora who escaped the inferno by jumping from second story windows.

“My daughter is Baruch Hashem progressing,” said Sassoon.  “She is laughing and with Hashem’s help she will be released next week from the hospital.”

Sassoon said that he still did not know if his daughter would be coming home or would continue her recuperation at a rehabilitation facility.

“My wife is still under anesthesia,” said Sassoon. “Her condition is more difficult because she is older.  My daughter, because of her age, is recuperating faster but every day we progress slowly. Baruch Hashem every day people are praying for them and we see the results.”

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