Thursday, April 09, 2015

8th Day Cover Band - Hageulah - Music Video

An NA2 Productions Presents: Hageulah

Composed by- 8th day
Lyrics Written By- Daniel and Natan Ariel Alon
Music Production and Arrangement by- Daniel Alon (Studio613)
Mixed and Mastered- Jason Goldglancz (Gold Records)
Vocals Recorded at- Gold Records (Jason Goldglancz)
Cinematography and Video Editing- Natan Ariel Alon

Dancers- Avraham Tobally, Yoseph Tobally, Gavriel Lazari,Sam Sicklick, Ben Silverstien, Yehudah Rosenfeld, David Azose, Zev Granik

Musicians In Video- Gav Lazari, Chaim Tobally, and Yoseph Tobally

Co- Founded by brothers Daniel and Natan Ariel Alon, 8th Day Cover Band features its NEW music video for Pesach titled HAGEULAH! this is a song taken from the original hit song HOOLEH by 8th day.

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