Sunday, March 29, 2015

Video Comparing Rockland to Nazi Germany

A five-minute video comparing Rockland County to Nazi-occupied Germany is creating controversy.

The video takes aim at a Facebook page called “Block the Block Vote,” which advocates against the influence of the Orthodox bloc vote in Rockland.

The video, “The Jew in Rockland County,” compares imagery used on the page to anti-Semitic rhetoric used by the Nazis before the Holocaust. The narrator says in the video that the Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland “lives under constant fear, facing harassment and intimidation.”

The video was produced on behalf of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council, whose founder told the Journal News it should have been made months, if not years, ago to expose the hatred Jews face in Rockland.

The Jew in Rockland

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BoruchN said...

Re: 'Block the Block.' Very well done. Tell me, is this 'Antisemitism' or jealousy? Did anyone teach the 'hater's about 'The 7 Noahide Laws?'