Saturday, March 28, 2015

Passover Funk - Aish Music Video

Directed by Shooteast
Music by Mark Ronson, Philip Lawrence, Jeff Bhasker, Bruno Mars
Lyrics by, Micah Smith, Michael HarPaz
Cover Track by Ido Zeleznik and Michael HarPaz
Performed by Michael HarPaz

Choreography by Dvir Rozen, Street Art Production.
Dancers: Lions of Zion crew, Street Art Production.


cool masmid said...

A lot of talent ... maybe, but I think this is in my opinion "melagleg al hamitzvos" - making fun of mitzvos. How sad that this is where we are holding today that jewish boys with great talent can stoop so low. For shame!!

Anonymous said...

I don;t see where I can check of "Disgusting" or "Not Jewish" or "Missed the Point"