Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mendel Einbinder Musical Debut "Ascend"

Mendel Einbinder of Tarzana , C.A.. introduces his  debut single entitled   "Ascend"  in the spirit of the imminent redemption in our season of  Liberation.   This is an instrumental song composed and performed on violin and piano in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest.


Anonymous said...

This guy is extremely talented and has more than just potential.

His music took me on a journey as if 'ascending' into some awesome zone!

(try it, close your eyes and listen to the music)

Much hatzlocho!

Looking forward to seeing lots of your music in the near future b'ezras Hashem.

- A music lover

Anonymous said...

You have amazing Talent Mendel!
It really is inspiring, and does take you on a journey if Peace and pleasantness.

Anonymous said...

What an inspirational and uplifting performance. Looking forward to seeing more from this young artist.

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring and beautiful piece of music. That is true talent.