Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CNN Reports On Iranian Jews

As relations between Israel and Iran reach new lows, there is a place in Iran that continues to be rich in Jewish culture. CNN's Fredrick Pleitgen reports.


Anonymous said...

not true they have a hard life

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that they say this with a straight face.
I personally know a youngue couple who fleed Tehran. Jews are not welcome there and those who live there have to live quitley, the reason the yidden say this is because if they speak up hashem yishmor what their govermant woud do to them!

gimple said...

The Nazis took many pics and videos of Jews to show the the world how well the Jews under their control were being treated under the 3rd Reich. Of course, the Jews in the videos and pics were being forced to act by threat of death. I DON'T KNOW if the murderous Iranian authorities have not made it clear to the precious few Jews left in Iran how they expect them to act and talk.
It's interesting to note that this CNN reporter- Fredrick Pleitgen - is actually German.