Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snowmobiler Triggers Avalanche, Gets Buried

This is the incredible moment a snowmobiler in the back country in Wyoming - near the Idaho border. was buried under an avalanche he triggered - and was saved by his quick-thinking friends.

The video - taken from a helmet cam by Mike Salmon, shows the snowmobiler speeding up a steep mountainside covered with virgin snow.

Then, in an instant, the disaster strikes. Almost in slow motion, a wide swath of snow breaks loose from the mountain and begins to crash down the side, swallowing the rider under a massive wall.

As the avalanche tumbled down the mountain, Mr Salmon and the other snowmobilers quickly realized that it could bury them, as well - despite them taking up a post several hundred yards away. They quickly drove away from the avalanche until the snow came to a rest.

Then within seconds, they spotted their friend's snowmobile, which was on its side with a ski sticking out of the snow. Just a few feet away, the was the rider - who had miraculously come to a rest with his helmet sticking out. As his friends work to dig him out, it's clear he's shaken up but uninjured.

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