Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Remote Controlled Car Rescued by RC Tow Truck

The oddly compelling footage, shot in Magog, Canada last month, shows the exploits of a remote controlled car as it ventures out onto a frozen lake. Using cameras installed in the vehicle, viewers can watch as the car becomes stuck in a patch of thin ice shortly after it embarks on its exploratory mission.

Luckily for the owner help was at hand in for the form of a nifty remote controlled rescue truck, complete with a robotic arm and snow chains. Using a second on-board camera, the footage shows the modified truck retracing the steps of the first vehicle, before a nail-biting rescue bid unfolds.

The robotic arms can be seen struggling for a moment as it tries to attach itself to the stricken car, but eventually manages to hook a tow-lead to the bumper, before pulling it back to safety.

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