Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rare Snowstorm Creates White Jerusalem

As the sun set over Jerusalem on Thursday evening, February 19, the cold ice rain that had been hammering the city transformed in to beautiful snow flurries, turning the busy streets on erev shabbat into empty white fields of fluff. As the brave few weather the snow storm that is destined to be this years blizzard, the city hibernates, interrupted occasionally only by the sound of the Light Rail and the occasional jeep.

Snow Over Jerusalem - Aerial 2015. All footage shot in 4K with the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition .

Arab kids throw snowballs at Jewish kids, in the Old City.

This snowfall turned to slush during the day & froze to ice at nightfall. Video location: on left, King David Hotel; on right, YMCA & its tower.

Jerusalem snow fall time laps

Anticipating Snow in Jerusalem

Israelis enjoying the snow

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