Monday, February 02, 2015

Kosher Half Time Shows & More Videos

Nachum Segal Show presents the "Kosher half time show."

New England Patriots Win Super Bowl: Chickens Lose - What Americans eat pound-for-pound on Super Bowl Sunday while they watched the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks.

2015 Kosher Halftime Show Super Bowl with Chabad Rabbi Perl - Chabad of Mineola announces the pre-game 2015 Kosher Halftime Super Bowl Show

Hosted by Rabbi Anchelle Perl, the Kosher Halftime Show offers humor and meaningful upbeat insights into Sports Spirituality & Spaghetti! The Rabbi exchanges his black fedora for a white football helmet, long enough to share inspiration, wit and four suggestions in transforming the Super Ball Game into a longer lasting lesson in the "Game of Life" and becoming that successful "Quarterback" in lifes goals.

Super Bowl 2015: Facts and Figures - Tom Brady is the first quarterback to make 6 Super Bowls, while four teams have never made the big game once.

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