Friday, February 20, 2015

Man Shoveling Snow Falls For a Full 9 Seconds

Man clearing snow falls over for nine seconds before throwing away his shovel in anger

A man shoveling snow has captured the attention of many as he flails after slipping on ice as he cleared a sidewalk. The nine second clip starts relatively normally as the gentleman appears to be making a path.Then, all hell breaks loose as the man takes a stumble too far.

Within an instant he loses his balance and attempts to rescue himself by using the trusty shovel for support.His attempt almost succeeds but such is the buildup of ice over recent days, the plastic spade simply slides right off of it.At one point the man touches the powdery snow with his gloved hands to rescue himself and at one point it almost looks as though he is shoveling again.

Amazingly, despite ending up virtually horizontal, the man managed to remain on his feet.Clearly fed up by the whole experience, he throws the shovel away out of sight of the camera once it's all over. The video has gone viral as a frozen northeast continues to shiver.

Others aren't bought so easily with numerous people suggesting the video is fake or at least staged in some aspect.

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Anonymous said...

'fake' would be understatement.