Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Livni & Bennett Go Head to Head at Public Speaking Event

Jewish Home head goads Hatnua leader about departure from past remarks in favor of land concessions

Jewish Home leader Economy Minister Naftali Bennett confronts head of the Hatnua party Tzipi Livni: "You now regret your previous position on the withdrawal from the Golan, when will you sober up regarding Judea and Samaria?"

Bennett congratulated Livni on “wisening up” regarding the Golan after the Zionist Camp, which she is the co-leader of, announced that it opposes a withdrawal from the territory, a departure from remarks Livni made in 2008, arguing that Israel would need to make territorial concessions to Damascus in a peace deal.

In the video below of a speaking event they both attended, the Jewish Home leader takes the stage after Livni steps down and declares that given the about-face on the Golan Heights, Livni “has joined the Jewish Home way.” The party is well-known its vehement opposition to ceding land for peace, including (and especially) in any potential future peace deal with the Palestinians which would require a withdrawal from most of the West Bank.

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