Sunday, February 01, 2015

“Hakol Habah – The Next Voice”

After many years of reality TV shows gaining tremendous popularity throughout the world, the Chareidi world can enjoy a program that is similar in function but maintains strict adherence to Halacha, without compromising on any production value. FDD Productions under David Fadida in partnership with Radio Kol Chai is producing a singing competition program for the Motzash Chai program on Radio Kol Chai, hosted by Menachem Toker.

During the course of the competition, tens of competitors will audition on the stage opposite a panel of judges including Dr. Mordechai Sobol, Ohad Moskowitz, Aryeh Broner, Chaim Yisrael, and Adi Ran, and will try to win their hearts and merit the title of “Hakol Habah-The Next Voice” in the world of Jewish Music. The winner will record a full album produced by the duo of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, and will be given a stamp of approval by David Fadida’s office.

The show will be broadcast every Motzei Shabbos during the program Motzash Chai hosted by Menachem Toker starting this week and recorded live. It will also be available on the website Kol Chai.

A performance by the judges and a surprise appearance by composer Yossi Green.


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English Subtitles please!

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omg eviatar tzadok is AWESOME!=)