Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Filming Frustrates Williamsburg Chasidic Community

Some Jewish people in Williamsburg say the city is being inconsiderate of their religious beliefs by permitting TV and movie shoots to take place in the area on Saturdays.

The New York City Department of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting indicates that it tries to post no parking signs in anticipation of an upcoming shoot as soon as possible. However, residents on Division Street say signs asking residents to move their cars last Saturday by 9 a.m. were not posted until Friday.

They say they did not have any time to move their cars because they were observing the Sabbath. Some cars were ticketed.

The residents agree that TV and movie shoots are a boost for the economy, but they are asking for a little sensitivity when it comes to their faith.

Even if they are given ample time to move cars, some Jewish residents ask that no shoots ever be scheduled on Jewish High Holy Days.

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