Thursday, February 05, 2015

Eliezer Auerbach - Ilanga Lafisha - Music Video

“I Langa Lifisha Uyaqugquzela”

Composer Eliezer Auerbach of Johannesburg, South Africa, has come out with this new arrangement
“Hayom Kotzer Vhamlocho Meruba.”

The lyrics taken from Pirkei Avos and translated into Zulu by Thuli Mazibutu.

Much of the attraction of the song is that Rabbi Eliezer Auerbach has joined with some of the best African singers in the Wits University Choir who managed to connect to the message and the values taken from Jewish sources, and transfer these through the song to the masses. The African language words fit with the rhythm and melody perfectly and a Zulu song is born.

The words of the Mishnah were translated into English, by the legendary composer and song writer, Abie Rotenberg, uncle of Rabbi Eliezer Auerbach, so that the finished product is rich and varied.

The arranging and conducting was done by Yoeli Dickman.

I langa I langa I langa lifisha. Nomsebenzi benzi moningi. Basebenzi baya vilapa iholo labo labo lilingi.
I langs lifisha nomsebenzi muingi basebenzi baya vilapa iholo labo liliningi umphati uyaqugquzela

The day is short…There is so much to do…The workers are so lazy…The pay is fine truly divine…the boss is pushing like crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic song. Original through and through. Super professional video. Well done!