Monday, January 12, 2015

Jewish Man Invents Word for 'Nieces and Nephews'

Mother and father? Parents.

Brother and sister? Siblings.

Niece and nephew? Um. ...

Attorney Rabbi Schneur Stephen Polter has figured out a solution. The 44-year-old Oak Park Jewish resident has created a term and is now working to spread, um, the word.

It's sofralia — "so" from the Latin word for sister, "fra" from the Latin word for brother and "lia" from the end of the Latin word for "child."

Polter has been using "sofralia" (soe-FRAIL-yah) for years, but the public push comes as a footnote in his fourth self-published book, which came out last fall.

His dream is to get the word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which assesses usage when determining what new terms to add. No joke; think "selfie."

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Anonymous said...

There is already a generic word for nieces and nephews and that is "niblings".