Thursday, January 08, 2015

"Hang 'Em Low" Music Video

These strings are goin viral
They’re mentioned in the bible
Tzitzis is their hip name
So epic is their game

Recite their daily blessing
Right at the start of praying
Oh what awesome way
To start my everyday

Uniform is what they are
To be noticed from afar
We are so very proud
Our tzitzis, are so loud

From side to side their swingin
Awareness they are bringin
Tzitzis always in sight
By day and by night

Chorus: Hang em low, hang your tzitzis low.
Hang em low, hang your tzitzis low. Hang em low,
Hang your tzitzis low. Hang em low, and let em show.

No matter who be mockin
Those Strings i will be rockin
Cause that's just meeee
A Jew, ill always be

When a stranger gives a stare
I really couldn't care
I've got that Jewish pride
There’s nothing I will hide


Fringed up you're lookin hippin
Oh no I ain't be trippin
Tzitzis are made of wool
And look so really cool

Tzitzis Are really chillin
Oh how I like their feelin
I wear them everyday
And they are here to stay

Rock em up on every corner
To G-d they make me closer
Tztzis to me remind
Of mitzvot that do bind

The fringes of my soul
Reminders of my goal
Connect to whom I love
One with G-d above


Anonymous said...

Nebach Nebach Nebach these people should all have a refuah shleime bekorov.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say...