Thursday, January 01, 2015

8th Day - "Gam Zu" - Presented by Oorah

Oorah is proud to present: The Official Music Video for 8th Day's "Gam Zu".

From the makers of "Ya'alili" , "Hooleh", and "It's Shabbos Now" comes another fantastic song, "Gam Zu".

"Gam Zu" was written for Oorah's Auction by 8th day, teaching us that with Nachum's perspective of "Gam Zu" - everything in life will turn out just fine.

Be sure to check out this year's  #OorahAuction at, with some of the #BestPrizesEver, including "$36,000 cash", a "Wedding", and a "Sefer Torah"!

You can see a preview of this year's Shmorg at
Video was directed by Oorah's multimedia team with Shmuli Rosenberg, and filmed by Moshe Bree.

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