Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lipa Schmeltzer Talks About His Shul

Lipa Schmeltzer tells Arts in the City's Barry Mitchell about his shul,

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cool masmid said...

Lipa- I really think you should look at the numbers here as it relates to interest in your interview. I think there's a broader message for you here and that is while no question you do a lot of good and you have tremendous talent that everyone appreciates - that said, I think people are getting a little weary of your style that seems to be getting more erratic as time goes on both with regards to your style songs and your performances... and with the chevra that you attract and associate with - much like a cult. My only advice is for you to try to get back to the mainstream or you're going to find a lot more fans deserting you as time goes on as is clear from this interview.