Thursday, December 04, 2014

Footage Of Jerusalem Supermarket Stabbing Attack

Footage of a stabbing attack on a West Bank supermarket on Wednesday emerged on Thursday, showing the terrorist set upon two men with a knife from behind before being chased through the store.

Two Israelis were moderately injured in the attack, at a branch of the Rami Levy discount chain in Mishor Adumim, an industrial zone east of Jerusalem.  Police said they are treating the incident as a terror attack.

The clip shows the two men with carts in the wine section of the store, deep in the supermarket.  The terrorist stands for several seconds between the two men before suddenly hitting one over the head with what appears to be a knife. He briefly tussles with another man, apparently injuring him too and then flees. In footage from a different camera, the terrorist is seen sprinting through the store with his weapon raised as shoppers scatter, and one man with a red shirt chases him from behind with his handgun drawn.

The assailant was identified as a 16-year-old Arab youth from the West Bank town Al-Azariya on the outskirts of Jerusalem, who arrived at the supermarket with two accomplices from his hometown.  He was brought before Israel’s Shin Bet security service on Thursday for interrogation.  The shooter was an off-duty guard who works as part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security detail and happened to be in the store.

Rami Levy, owner of the store visits one of the injured in the stabbing

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