Monday, December 08, 2014

4-year-old is UPS Driver for a Day

Four-year-old Carson Knight has a thing for brown trucks. The cutie from Colorado Springs has been obsessed nearly his entire life with the UPS truck that makes deliveries to his home.

Carson was born with a condition that didn't allow him to drink anything with milk proteins, so they needed to have a special formula delivered several times a week.

Over the years, he developed a friendship with Mr. Ernie, the driver who handled the route in the Knight’s neighborhood. Every time he pulled up, Carson would head outside and Mr. Ernie would show him around the truck. Carson loved it so much, he even had his parents buy him a UPS uniform.

Mr. Ernie sent Carsons story to UPS’s Your Wishes Delivered program, which donates $1 to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army or the Toys for Tots Literacy Program for every wish submitted, and makes some of them come true.

A few weeks later, when Mr. Ernie stopped by, he had a different kind of package for Carson: his own toy ride-in UPS truck, and some boxes to deliver to the neighbors.

"He's just one of those guys who, to me, is very special and has become a very special role model in Carson's life," Carson’s mom. "I'm just so thankful that he is one of the most humble, gracious men that I've met to interact with my young son."

Soon after his very special delivery, however, Mr. Ernie was moved to a different route. But Carson has kept going, delivering treats to the neighbors in his truck.

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