Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Night of Channukah Around the World

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the lighting of the National Menorah in Washington Tuesday, speaking about the Jewish people's overcoming of great odds to protect their culture.

Lighting the Menorah with the IDF and PM Netanyahu.

Basy Fogelman, 11, of Worcester, won a nation-wide contest about what Hanukkah means to her, and was able to share it at the National Menorah Lighting in Washington, D.C.

Full video of the National Menorah Lighting 5775 - Click Here For Pictures.

How to build a Menorah out of PVC... Mexican Style - Rabbi Menny, Meir and Mendel put together a beautiful PVC Menorah to display to the world this Chanuka. Check out our highlights! Thanks to Meir Rapoport, Mendel Harlig and Shlock Rock for the music.

Old City - First Night of Chanukah 5775

NYC Mayor Lights the Menorah at Grand Army plaza in Brooklyn with Rabbi Shimon Hecht. Click Here for pictures.

 Europe's biggest menorah display is lit in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday evening to celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights.

Berliners and tourists watched as Europe's biggest menorah was lit up in central Berlin, Tuesday. The crowd listened to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and other officials speak in front of the Jewish symbol for the Hanukkah festival.

New Jersey largest menorah lit in Monroe Township Lighting the Menorah at the Kosel with Sefardic chief Rabbi Yitzchok Ysoef.

More of the Kosel

Chabad boys dance with Haringey, London, England, Police at a Chanukkah celebration.

Menorah Hanging on the Longest Omega in Israel DeerLand Ranch

Erev Chanukah in Yerushalayim 2014

"Today we begin the eight day celebration of the festival of lights. Here is a special blessing from the IDF's Golan Regional Brigade. We wish you a bright and happy Hanukkah!"

The lighting of the first Menorah candle at 770 in Crown Heights.

The Jewish festival, Hanukkah is celebrated at Brandenburg Gate on Tuesday December 16th with the ceremonial lightning of the Europe’s biggest Menorah. The first candle on the Menorah will be lit at 17:30 GMT. The official ceremony will also include a greeting speech, a musical presentation and a visual light show.

Melbourne CBD Chanukah Event

Rabbi Shemtov and his father Rabbi Berel Shemtov at the Menorah lighting in Detroit, MI.

Downtown Cleveland

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