Friday, November 07, 2014

Israeli Police Perform CPR on Arab Boy in Chevron

You wont ever see this in the news.

November 5, 2014 - Israeli Border Guard policemen on routine patrol in the Chevron casbah identified a Palestinian boy lying unconscious on the floor. A police officer and a paramedic team quickly ran to the boy, while reporting the incident and calling for additional medical help.

Early examination of the boy showed he was not breathing and had no pulse. The Israeli Border Guards began to resuscitate him by performing CPR and mouth to mouth, while removing obstacles in his mouth that had caused him to suffocate. The Border Guards continued their lifesaving efforts for several minutes until the arrival of a Red Crescent medical team. The boy was then brought to the hospital.

The spokesperson for the Border Guards told Tazpit News Agency that as it turns out, the Palestinian boy had been electrocuted. However, thanks to the efforts of the policemen in those first minutes after the boy's collapse, his life was later saved in hospital.

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