Sunday, November 09, 2014

Gad Elbaz - Open Up - Music Video

All new music video, starring Gad Elbaz, captures the essence of Breadberry, a modern culinary paradise that has quickly become a favorite of customers of all types. Open Up, an original composition by Elbaz, is an upbeat and lighthearted reminder that all the goodness in our lives, even the food that we eat, is a divine gift to be treasured.

Directed and produced by Danny Finkelman, this is a collaboration between Clive NY and Sparks Next, choreography by Zvika Bornstein, with executive producer Sam Schlesinger Open Up is a fun romp through one of Brooklyn’s hottest food market that will forever change your shopping experience.

Lyrics - Zvika Bornstein / Prayer
Composed by Gad Elbaz and Shlomi Cohen
Producer - Shlomi Cohen
Produced & Arranged by Gad Elbaz & Elad Emek
Guitars: Shlomi Cohen
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Elad Emek
Produced and directed by Danny Finkelman
Production and Management: Shlomi Cohen ZOAB Entertainment

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I look all around, its everywhere,
You are there besides me
You give everything, you the one above
I have nothing here beside you
From just grains of sand
You created land
That can nourish all creation
Let your wealth expend
Open up your hands Oh

Poteach Et Yadecha Umasbia lechol Chai Ratzon
Open up your hands….(Oh Oh Oh)

Just my inner child, with a list in hand
Asking you to keep on giving
Sometime we pretend
We don’t understand
That its you who keeps us living
Poteach Et Yadecha Umasbia lechol Chai Ratzon
Open up your hands….(Oh Oh Oh)

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