Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dveykus Reunion Concert 5775 in Baltimore

Shomrei Emunah held their annual Dveykus Reunion Concert in Baltimore, the concert was held at Beth Tfiloh on Sunday November 23, 2014. Featuring Abie Rotenberg, along with Elli Kranzler, Rivi Schwebel and Yussi Sonnenblick. Special guests appearance by Shlomo Simcha,. Music by the Zemer Orchestra.

D'veykus - Haben Yakir Li

Yeshivesher Rayed with a Baltimore twist.

Kol B'rama

Ani Ma'amin


Yeshiva Raid from his Journeys series.

Ha'bait with Shlomo Simcha

D'veykus - Nar Hayisi

D'veykus - Henay Anochi

D'veykus - Lakol Zman

D'veykus with Shlomo Simcha - Habait

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