Thursday, November 27, 2014

Brothers Yonatan & Aron Razel Sing at Breslov Yavne'el

Brothers Yonatan and Aron Razel sing Baruch Levine's Vezakeini at the Hanochas Even Hapina for a new children's park in the Breslov community in Yavne'el, Israel also know as Breslav City, under the leadership of their Rebbe  Rav Eiezer Shlomo Schick known by his followers as the מוהרא"ש . Yavne'el is a Moshava and a local council in the North District of Israel. It is one of the oldest rural Jewish communities in the country.

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Brothers Yonatan and Aron Razel last week singing at the Breslev Beis Medrash in Yavne'el.

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